Saturday, November 8, 2008

Will Wonders Never Cease???

My studio mate and her wild antics...
the one I warned you about in the beginning of my blog!

PS: I don' t know why it uploaded sideways, nor can I figure out how to correct that.

Tip of the day: Turn your computer 90 degrees to view video in proper alignment.


rebecca mizhir said...

DeeBee.....We're watching you! How'd you find another wackadoodle to add to your roster of pals? We unplugged our tv a and have been reduced to trolling the internet for entertainment. Thank goodness you're entertaining! Rebecca

D- Get yer buck yet? John Strunk

deebee said...

No buck yet - figuratively and literally. Trolling the internet for entertainment, eh...good thing I sent you those dumb videos then!