Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Long Awaited Photos of My Studio

Yes! I am finally posting some photos of my now filled up studio at OSU. It's packed already, but rather cozy. At least that's what I hear from the locals. I like it a lot, just wish I had more time to be in it creating. I aim to have better time management this upcoming quarter now that I've settled a bit into a routine here. The Winter Quarter starts up this coming Monday, and I've got a lot to prepare for and hope I'm able to stay on top of all things. I'll be taking a fuller than full load including three seminar classes and one beginning hand-building class that I will attempt to teach. Phew...I'm tired just writing about it. I'll have one other studio class, maybe two, and then a departmental group thing for one credit. Plus I can't forget my Ice Skating II class that I'm registered for and excited about! I'll be gliding all my worries away as I learn to skate with level two skills and abilities. In no time I'll be triple clutzing it I bet.

Back wall of studio, it's a bit below ground hence high up windows.

Little nook with tchotchke shelves, my ode to thrift stores.

Dust-free desk on left and tall saved-from-the-dump cabinet.

Top of my desk treasures & I love magnetic furniture.

And the clean corner, sometimes it's not so clean though.

Right now the clean corner has some photographs I've been working on that are images of casting molds. I'll put some detail shots up on my Facebook Page (it's easier to upload photos there). My studio looks rather organized and clean because I had just rearranged it for a critique and OSU's first ever Open Studio Night. And there you have it: the long awaited albeit brief space synopsis. More to come sooner rather than later this time...I hope.