Thursday, August 6, 2009


If you missed the first garage sale and/or just seeing me on my working-vacation in Seattle then have no fear......we're having ANOTHER garage sale. This weekend, new location - Roosevelt neighborhood - details to come.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Were you confused too?

A dear friend in Israel wrote me an email that read: "You were in Seattle at your own yard sale? I am confused."

"My response: I know it IS confusing. Yes, I was running a yard sale in Seattle. I'm here helping to clear out my godmother's house because she is now living in a nursing home. We have to consolidate. 50+ years living in one house - being an artist, traveler, collector, shopaholic, design maven, big party having, animal owning, buying addiction, hording, ocd type of person makes for a huge ass sale! And that is just the tip of the iceberg. We had to clear out yard sale types of things just to make room for the "real" part of the estate selling part to take place. It's nuts. I've extended my plane ticket once, now I might have to do it again."

And that was the story of my weekend. Here's some photojournalism:

One of five truck loads being tied down by my father. In addition to the five truck loads, we had four mini-SUV loads also. (Lovely truck courtesy of Rebecca Mizhir, life saver extraordinaire.)

First load emptied at yard sale location:
the fabulous building of Jim Smith in Wallingford.

The fabulous James Addison Smith (r) with my father, Michael Brod (l) modeling items for sale. (Red straw hat "rehomed" by the wonderful Heather "Holly Hobby" Reese .

Day one photo courtesy of exceptional shopper Rebecca Bush.

Cutest yard sale entertainment, Vivian Guillen,
adorned with mini-clothespins.

Roses donated by frequent shopper and highest spender Jim the
neighbor, who made purchases to adorn his recently self-restored craftsman house.

Day one "Free Pile".

Best "drive-by" customer, window shopping.

Day two's splendid helper-friend, Heather Reese, examining items.

The husband and wife team Leah Kiviat and Ian Horton, unbeknownst to one another, examining cutting boards on separate sides of a table at the exact same moment. (Neither boards purchased, but plenty of other things aquired.)

End of sale "Free Pile" number one.

End of sale "Free Pile" number two.

Additional visits and support from many many great friends: Shawn Peterbug, Jenny and Rick Jerabek, Meghan and Vivanne Guillen, sisters: Diane and Kathy Dickeman, Erik Podenski, Consuelo Javier, JoAnna Rockwood, Susan Zoccola and all the friends they brought. I really hope I didn't leave anyone off this list, if so please forgive me I'm so so so very tired and was so very busy.