Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cool Installation and Some Art of Mine.

Here's my dad and J-Boy, his first and only son, how obedient!
They are standing in front of gallery 221 and my dad's installation.
If you're in NYC, I suggest you check it out @ 221 East 88th Street.

Now, as for me, below are some of my recent works-in-progress.

The guy below is actually done and titled "The Rat in the Wood"


retroK9 said...

Jackson is the coolest canine on the UES. Two suave gents. I need to see those pieces in 4-dimensions;
They look great through from my perspective -out here just off Pluto.

BASMAT said...


deebee said...

Thank you both...I do hope you both get to see them in person some day soon. Glad to know people are reading and seeing what I have going on. Glad to know it is getting out beyond this wee town. xoxo

eva b said...

I love the collaged one with all the little beasts in a circle. I really love it! (& u too of course)

retroK9 said...

I think that there's a Bermuda Triangle kind of thing goin' on just received a message from Eva but meant for you.


retroK9 said...

O,I get it now, I'm part of the thread now (blushing).

deebee said...

Blush all you want...rosy is good and it's good to be in a Bermuda triangle of sorts in this matter.

E-- the piece is mostly done, it will have more collage adornment in the same vein by its completion. Thank you though. Love you too!

Susannah said...

Could at least sent pat on the head if no puppy love.