Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm in the Middle of Nowhere! OR: Is it just a Warped Dimension?

News bulletin as reported in the school's daily email, "Alfred Today":

Hunting Season is Upon Us - Use Caution

Hunting season is now upon us in Western New York. The first season begins Saturday, Oct. 18 this year (sunrise to sunset), and the final season is over on Dec. 16.

Please be very careful if you decide to walk in any wooded area during this time. If you do, wear blaze orange or some other very bright color. If you see a POSTED sign, get the landowner's permission to enter or you could be fined for trespassing.

Hunting is not allowed on Alfred University property which includes the woods behind the campus and around Foster Lake.

(This is so foreign to me. Why is hunting considered by some to be a good sport? Why do so many VPs and VP candidates go hunting? What would happen if Cheney and Palin met in the woods? If you want to see one possible out come look up: Vice President Aaron Burr.)

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Rachel said...

I have tagged you.
I will write you a real letter as soon as I get the stationery made.

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