Monday, October 13, 2008

Adventures Just Outside of Alfred

So, I and two friends went to this place called Pollywogg Holler. If you got rid of all the sleezy drunk slime men and the few drunk trashy women the place has a lot of potential. But, whoa the amount of too-old-to-be-getting-that-drunk folks that were there yesterday really put a damper on all the potential this place has. Maybe it was just that particular night that attracted the riff-raff. Still worth a visit though, and the pizza wasn't half bad. I'll keep my eye on it and hope to go back when a different crowd might abound.
This beauty was alongside the main trail.
It was in what seemed to be a sculpture graveyard.
One of the rooms for rent.
More pretty forest.
Overall, it's a strange and interesting place (sans the drunkards),
with tasty sweet berry wines, and a friendly young cow to boot!

(More pictures will soon be on my Facebook profile soon.)

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Aww Naww Bitch said...

Looks like my hand is in that cow's mouth.