Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Exhibit: "Special Enough"

The 2008-2009 Alfred "Special Students" and I organized a show in the Rhodes Room at Alfred University. Here are the results of our artistic and organizational abilities. More photos of my work will be uploaded on my Facebook profile (and hopefully one of these days on my updated and fancified website). Fella' artists include: Normandy Alden, Marisa Hricovsky, Elizabeth Perone, and Tracy Teagarden (in absentia: Carol Koffel).

Apparently, having toys at your opening is a good idea as this seems to hold your guests attention a bit longer than just the art and/or food would do.


mihalis-halkida said...

Hello Good 1 May. I salute you, Michael

Elizabeth Perone said...

you were lovely for putting it together. i still have the "special" sticker on my boot.