Thursday, October 9, 2008

Part of what I sent my family...

and probably also pertinent to other folks I know, therefore this posting here. Unfortunately, it probably is a useful & necessary "house cleaning" to do at least once per year....

Just maybe, perhaps...maybe...uh, next year will be different, but since I'm human (at least I'm still under this impression) it probably won't be the case. So without further adieu (both literally and figuratively):

I want to truly and sincerely ask all of you for your forgiveness for any transgressions, conscious or otherwise, that I may have crossed you with during this last year. It is never my ultimate attempt to anger and/or hurt you, although I know at times I may have said or done things that did/do hurt and/or anger you, please forgive me for any and all ways I have erred this past year (and truly for all the years before this one) that directly and/or indirectly effected you. May I have learned and continue to learn from my mistakes this past year and improve upon my interpersonal relationships in the coming one. People and my relationships with them are very important to me and I hope to leave this world with a clean street so to speak. It is my hope that I never hurt anyone to begin with and certainly never beyond repair. Please forgive me for any and all indiscretions on my part.

May we all be transcribed in the "good book", whatever that may be...and yes, I'll ask for repentance next year about using the computer on this day.

Sheesh, am I hungry.

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