Saturday, September 6, 2008

Well, well, well...look who's learning something....

So, it looks like I finally figured out how to add photographs here. I'm told that photos make a blog all the more interesting. You'll have to let me know what you think...enjoy!

This is the back entrance to the ceramics studio, the loading dock to be precise. The ceramics studio is in Harder Hall on the basement level. Basically, the shape is like a big donut with all the kilns in the middle, Graduates on one side, Seniors and SpEcIaL StUdEnTs on the other, Juniors & Sophomore classes on yet another side, and then the raw materials, plaster room, grinding room, & hallways off to other various places on the last side. It's all rather confusing and HUGE. They have so many kilns; oh, there is also an outside kiln space for the atmospheric kilns (think soda, salt, and wood). I'm truly blown away by how much equipment there is here. It seems every student that wants a wheel gets one, even each individual beginner thrower! Phew. Even though there is a lot of stuff and space and Alfred is notorious for being a great school, a wise man said today that Alfred has three great things going for it: 1) a forklift for moving your big work, 2) a great library, & 3) if you don't like your teacher there are others to chose from! So, yes it's a fabulous school but it still has some crap tables like all the other schools and I guess school can only be what you ultimately make of it. Basically, I'm still getting used to it all and I'm sure it will take a few more weeks to fully acclimate and get a rhythm/routine going.

The above and below photos are my actual studio space, it's probably about 7' x 12' nestled in amongst the spaces of the four additional SpEcIaL StUdEnTs who are all wonderful thus far and diverse! I'm grateful having a cohort that is working at Alfred in the same realm as I.

The line of critters on the left was created last night and hopefully will be a working Chanukiah come December. Above right is qualifying signage painted on the backside of every work station in each person's studio space in the Senior and SpEcIaL StUdEnTs area. I managed to snag two of the stations, a huge locker, plenty of boards, a ware cart, drafting table & a variety of seating options to put in my space. It's rather cozy with all my tchotchkies hanging around.

This mysterious bandit is someone that I ought to be afraid of, but I've grown to really appreciate. If you're at all curious who might be influencing any delinquent behavior I aquire while at Alfred then you will want to also read on a regular basis the following blog: and save me if you're worried and/or concerned. In truth, I'm sure I'll be a better person after my nearly daily contact with the bandit that is my studio neighbor. Need I say more than the following: she has a dead fly collection, a bubble gum museum forming, is making rat feet, and is often found incognito! It makes everyday thrilling.

And tomorrow's a new day.


Aww Naww Bitch said...


I didn't know that those photos existed.

deebee said...

They did, they do, and they will....