Sunday, September 21, 2008

One Reason To Love Small Towns:

You can get all this stuff
(sans the stove) for $5.00!!

Yup that's right! Believe it.

Doesn't every person need this kind of stuff?

Small towns, strange dolls.

And plans for more....

If you ever pass near Roscoe, NY don't hesitate to stop at the church's daily rummage sale. I collected a box of things, went to pay, told the woman I wasn't sure I was going to get everything because I didn't know the prices, and then she stopped me from unpacking the box and said, "Before you take it all out, how about $5 for all of it?" And the rest is history. From now on I'll be making it a tradition to stop for food and rummage sale shopping every time I drive between Alfred and my eastern destinations. I mean really, how could I not want to eat with this fine specimen watching over me:


Aww Naww Bitch said...

No fair!

Anonymous said...

What part's "no fair"...dining with the buffalo? Buying all those goodies? Getting the heck out of Alfred? Spending $5? Something else? Sitting in the library trying to work and having to watch two youngin's fondle one another while they are doing homework?

Aww Naww Bitch said...

I like how you comment on your own blog anonymously.